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COMPLETE Details to the 20 Must-Know Insider Tips for Smart Buyers
  • Seriously consider if NOW is the time to build 
  • Set a budget
  • Compile some crucial documents
  •  Secure the financing now
  •  Get in the “research” mindset
  •  List a few must-have features for your home 
  •  Look at listings from various sources
  •  Get an agent to help with your search
  •  Know what to look for in checking out a home 
  •  Talk to the owner (or owner’s agent)
  • Look at your favorite option(s)
  • Don’t skip (or skimp on) inspections
  • Know your top three (or so) main contingencies
  •  Make your first offer a serious one 
  •  Prepare your “earnest” money
  •  Present an offer that’s hard to refuse
  •  Think about “extras” that could close the deal 
  •  Carefully read the contract
  •  Be ready for closing costs 
  •  Prepare your move-in/occupation plan
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MarMatt Homes has been amazing and helped find the perfect home for us. He's very professional and started right away with our search the same day we spoke. He's available continuously with any questions or concerns and has made this a joyful and stress free experience!
MarMatt Homes has helped me in past, searching out commercial locations, as well as investment properties .
I have always felt secure-knowing Mickie represents my interest, searching for the perfect location, as well as negotiating a great deal.
Great sales skills, responded all my questions, helped me find the place I was looking for, helped all the way thru the process. I would highly recommend to anyone new to the area looking for a home.
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